Our Story

Our Mission

We are the clean brow company with a mission to bring the clean beauty movement to the people. Tintery started when co-founder Alice Galperin struggled to find eyebrow specific cosmetics that were all natural and vegan. She was sick and tired of ingredient lists she couldn't pronounce and prices she couldn’t afford. That’s when she started cooking something up- quite literally, in her kitchen.

We're the modern brand with a vintage vibe

Tintery is a revival of the 1970’s environmental activism movement, and we strive towards eco-conscious beauty industry standards today. We innovate naturally to deliver products that accentuate the unique features that make you beautiful. We envision a world where wellness and self-love are the core components of beauty. We're stronger when we stand together: collectively we can preserve our planet and create inclusive spaces for all.

Our Story

Alice Galperin and Martyne Alphonso are two best-friends turned business partners. Tintery was born in 2020 when Alice innovated a water-based brow gel as a natural alternative to her favourite brow pomade. It only took a couple of martinis to convince Martyne (no pun intended) to be a part of the vision. Tintery Brows was born thanks to two groovy souls that were determined to fill in the gaps in the clean beauty industry. We vow to continue innovating natural eyebrow cosmetics and advocating for a sustainable future within the cosmetics industry.

Peace, Love, & Fleeky Brows,

Alice + Martyne, Tintery Co-founders