Tinty Brow Gel is a gel consistency while being applied, and dries onto brows in a flexible hold. Our formula defines and sculpts, creating a long lasting brushable brow, without caking onto hair and skin. Brows will remain soft, never hardening onto your skin!

Nope! Our brow gel will never leave a white residue due to our natural ingredients.

Feathery and uplifted brows that stay in place all day long.  

Tintery’s formula is water resistant and long-lasting! Workout, beach day, every-day-life proof brows.

Yes, this is personal preference. Tinty Brow Gel will tint and fill your brows, but if you prefer a darker, dramatic look then go right ahead!

Irritation is generally due to an allergy or sensitivity. Please read our label for ingredients. Most commonly, sensitivities occur for anyone allergic or intolerant to potassium sorbate, our natural preservative. If any redness or irritation occurs, simply remove the product from the skin and clean the brow area. Irritation should subside almost immediately. Fear not, everyone's skin is different and some ingredients work better for others.


Clean beauty is rarely defined. Here at Tintery, we believe clean beauty is transparency, accountability, and sustainability. We believe every consumer has the right to know exactly what goes into their products, and how they are made. We believe sustainability goes beyond creating a clean product. We vow to continuously innovate ways to reduce our footprint, and educate others on environmental protection and social inclusivity. We believe we're stronger when we stand together: collectively we can preserve our planet and create inclusive spaces for all.

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